The New Center Of Boulder?

We’ve seen a lot of changes at the intersection of 30th Street & Pearl Street in the past few years. With Whole Foods taking over Barnes & Noble to becomScreen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.29.18 PMe the Largest Whole Foods in the State of Colorado, to Barnes and Noble Building a new freestanding building right on the corner of 30th and Pearl And Chase Bank taking of the South West Corner of the intersection as a new branch.

On the opposite side of 30th Street is where the real action is happening.

At this point we’ve all heard the rumors that we’re finally getting a light rail station which will make going to Denver a lot easier animg_2656d fingers crossed maybe the Airport. This station is most likely what’s spurring this construction as well as the fact that there isn’t really too much undeveloped land left in the city. The Union Depot station which will be the new light rail station, pictured to the right clearly needs a little love, But will bring a historic centerpiece to the more modern projects being built around it.

If you’ve been in the vicinity of 30th Street & Pearl Street recently you’ve probably noticed the seemingly non-stop construction on the road as well as upgrades to the sidewalks and Goose Creek Path. On the Northeast corner and the Southeast corner of the intersection you can now see the frames for the new projects that the City of Boulder has approved.

ph1002_w600_h469The most prominent and looking closer to completion every day is Solana. Solana is Boulder’s newest luxury apartments which are already available for rent. Solana adds 319 Apartments to the City of Boulder along with 8,112 SqFt of retail space giving it a prime location for commuters who may use the rails in the future. They’ll be a big competitor for Two Nine North which is located just a few blocks south and also opened very recently. With a prime location in between 29th Street and Foothills Parkway as well as being across the street from the future light rail and RTD station, this should be a pretty popular spot for Boulder’s wealthier clientele as long as they stay on top of things.

Just Across theScreen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.56.47 PM street from Solana is Pollard Friendly Motor Company which will most likely be the new site of Transit Village. This new project will encompass a new RTD Hub with an underground bus stop, a new hotel, restaurants and affordable housing. As well as the new Light Rail Station. You can already see parts of the project underway and when it’s finished it will draw a lot of new traffic to the area as well as more business opportunities. Boulder is desperately in need of more hotels which luckily this project will provide. Luckily if these projects continue as plan, the development across the street will bring another hotel into the city.

On the Southwest corner of 30Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.08.17 PMth Street & Pearl Street is a project currently under review by the City of Boulder that is pretty exciting. Wrapping around the new Chase Bank  Location, Pearl Place is a mixed-use project comprised of 202,500 SqFt of Office Space, 6,000 SqFt of retail space and an 83,500 SqFt Hotel. With a planned outdoor amphitheater on the path running through the development, it will bring much needed office space to the city as well as a sleek façade. This large project by the renderings will utilize what at least I’d love to see more of in the city, Rooftop outdoor space!

Some smaller but also notable projects on the boards in the vicinity which will shape the neighborhood are The Lofts @ Boulder Junction and Southerland Park.

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 12.51.16 PMThe Lofts @ Boulder Junction will be comprised of Luxury Residential Apartments and a great addition to the area and perfect for commuters. They’re already for sale and have a very similar look to the new lofts popping up in Downtown Boulder.



Sutherland Park whScreen Shot 2014-03-13 at 1.21.38 PMich looks to be still in the very rough stages and just submitted to the city in January is a partnership between Element Properties and Sopher Architects. It is a project which would be comprised of a hotel, residences, commercial and office space.  This project will be located just a few blocks north of the new light rail station.


With all of these new planned and already under construction projects, it would be difficult to say that this wont have a major effect on the area. The intersection of 30th Street and Pearl Street may very well become the new center of Boulder in the next few years and I’m pretty excited about it and will be keeping an eye as more projects come along.


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 2.00.34 PM

More information about these projects and renderings can be found on the city of Boulder’s planning website located here:

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