Boulder Leases Ending Soon

Many of our Boulder tenants’ leases are ending in the upcoming days and weeks, which means it is a busy time over here at 8z Rentals! In the next few days our employees and agents will be checking out our tenants’ properties, doing walkthroughs to check for cleanliness and potential damages in our rental properties. We compare these damages to the tenants’ original check-in/move-in sheets to determine which property damages (if any) were actually caused by the departing tenants. For any damages found or any cleaning needed, we schedule our contractors to take care of it right away. We use the comparison between the check-in and check-out forms to determine whether the owner or resident is responsible for any work completed. Charges to the resident are deducted from their security deposit return, but we provide our tenants invoices and receipts for the work done in order to make sure our residents fully understand why money was taken from their deposit. We do not charge any mark-ups on the work performed—to the owner or to the resident—so there is no profit incentive for us to schedule things unnecessarily. The deposit return can take some time while we wait for invoices and close up accounts, but the whole process for each property is usually completed in about 20-35 days (60 maximum).

If you are a current tenant with 8z Rentals, you can help save your security deposit by thoroughly cleaning and inspecting your property before moving out. 8z Rentals is not trying to nickel and dime you on your security deposit, but our rental properties must be in top shape before the next tenants move in, so the best way to avoid losing any money from your security deposit is to make sure you leave the house looking like it did when you first moved in to it! You can also help speed up the return time of your deposit by making sure that all of your utility accounts are paid in full and closed out, and that our Boulder office has been provided with a forwarding address to which we can send your deposit return check.

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