“I am very happy with 8Z Rentals choice to manage our house in Boulder. Second year they are able to rent it out at a highly competitive price to tenants we like and approve. 8 Z Rentals handles all our house maintenance requests professionally and in a timely manner. Also, I appreciate consistent professional advice and ability to use their rental experience. Thank you, I do highly recommend 8 Z Rentals to be trusted with your home.” – Lola I.

“Brian Kurtz did am excellent job securing tenants for my property. Being a landlord 2 time zones away, Brian was responsible and trustworthy, especially at coordinating applications, background checks, and leases. 8Z has been very easy to work with and I would definitely recommend Brian and his team to any landlord. I’m very happy with my current tenants and have Brian/8Z to thank!” – Phil via Google+

“It was great to work with Brian Kurtz at 8z Rentals. I enlisted him Brian to find a tenant for an executive rental in downtown Boulder. This is the second time I have worked with Brian. In each case Brian worked diligently to find the perfect tenant. What I appreciate most about working with Brian is that he interviews the applicants, shows the property, administers the application, gathers the results and presents each interested party with professionalism and timeliness. Ultimately, Brian matched us with a good tenant at a fair price for the lease length we were looking for. Brian always responded promptly and never bothers me with unnecessary detail. I thoroughly enjoy working with Brian.” – Lori via Google+

“We highly recommend 8z Rentals. We had a relatively unique situation — looking to rent out our home for a 9 month period while we were going to be living overseas. This presented a challenge in terms of finding a suitable tenant — one who was looking for a leasing term of that limited length and one who would also be willing to accept our home mostly furnished. Brian was very diligent and ultimately found a great tenant. 8z has been handling the rental extremely well while we are gone, leaving us nothing to worry about. Highly recommended.” – Jonathan and Connie B. via Google+

“8Z RENTALS has managed my properties for several years. I have found them to be PRESENT, responsive, straightforward (both with tenants and with me) and they get things done. I am very happy with their services. It seems that my tenants are too. Wouldn’t change a thing.” – Stanley

“My husband and I own a downtown condo in the Boulder rental market. 8Z has found us responsible, reliable, professionals who have taken immaculate care of our home there. We were very specific in what kind of tenant we would consider and for how long. Brian did a great job of finding us those tenants – two years in a row. We consider this our home in Boulder, it is beautifully furnished and well cared for, non smoking, etc.. The tenants 8Z Rentals found feel the same and are homeowners themselves in other locations. They also took special care in honoring the rules of our HOA for entry and did a great job with the application process. Will definitely use again.” – DR via Yelp

“8Z Rentals has managed our Boulder townhome for over a year and a half and we could not be more pleased with their services. From the start, they explained their process, answered our questions and continue to provide us with great peace of mind, particularly since we live over 2000 miles away. They carefully vetted our tenants and are very responsive to our needs, as well as those of our tenants. We are happy we chose 8Z Rentals!” – Sue M via Yelp

“My husband and I rented through this company for the past year.  We signed the lease without seeing the apartment which could be risky but this company did such a great job of showing us pictures, letting a friend check the apartment out for us, and making all of the paperwork easy to fill out!  Brian has gone out of his way to be helpful to us and has been so friendly and quick to respond to anything we’ve needed.  We are so glad we were able to rent through this company and would recommend them to anyone!” – Whitney J., Tenant via Yelp

“I own a house in Boulder that 8Z has done a flawless job managing. Couldn’t ask for better service.  These guys are great!” – Jared J., Owner via Yelp

Brian found us some good tenants after a substantial amount of effort on his part.  I think it was challenging finding someone willing to take a place at least partially furnished and for less than a year.  In the end, though, we found someone who is letting us keep most of our furniture and is taking it for almost all of the time we wanted (and might end up staying the whole time, as they have an option for the final month).  So we’re very happy with this.” – Jonathan B., Owner

“As a renter and student in Boulder, I do not often have anything nice to say about property management companies. I am so pleasantly surprised by 8z! I just moved into one of their properties and we had a slight scheduling error with the carpet cleaners. My property manager Jen called and apologized profusely and asked if it was okay if we simply move our belongings into the kitchen w/ hardwood until the carpets were finished. Although it wasn’t ideal we agreed. To our amazement the carpet cleaners arrived early and quickly did their job. The apartment was INCREDIBLY CLEAN and well maintained. Jen made the effort to give us a visit, apologize in person, and she even made the sweet gesture to give us gift cards to Starbucks. Whenever I have called the front desk at 8z they have politely answered all my questions with correct and unchanging answers. That is next to a miracle for Boulder property management companies! I hope this sort of relationship continues with 8z. I couldn’t be more excited to lease from them.” – Kelly B., Tenant via Yelp

“I am writing from the perspective of the renter, not the property owner. I lived in a unit managed by 8Z for two years in Boulder and they were great to work with. Very responsive and you could actually get a real person to take your calls. When I bought a place and wanted to move out one month earlier than my lease dictated, they worked to find a new tenant early and let me out of my lease. I really appreciate that.” – Amy M., Tenant via Yelp

“I just wanted to write and tell you what a great experience my wife and I had working with Brian recently.  You probably already know this, but Brian is fantastic to work with.  He is friendly and disarming yet professional.  He is relaxed, but highly responsive in his communications.  He got the job done and found renters for our property that we are very happy with.  As far as we are concerned, he has done an excellent job of representing 8z, and is a large part of the reason we recommend 8z to our friends, family and colleagues.” – Dustin C. and Barb A., Owners

“8Z manages a few of my properties and they have always been great and fair to me and my tenants. We don’t hang onto deposits unless there are legitimate repairs to be made and that is rare in my experience. In our location the renters seem to be very responsible and I guess that is because 8Z does a great job finding the best renters. 8Z has always been available for questions and help if I wanted to talk.” – Matt S., Owner via Yelp

“As a new rental property owner in Boulder, 8z rentals has made our first steps into the rental market downright pleasurable.  The people we have worked with are clearly experienced professionals who take their work seriously, and treat their clients (renters and landlords alike) with genuine respect.  I highly recommend their services.” – Dustin C., Owner via Yelp

“After working with 8z Rentals for the past few years, I would highly recommend their services! As an out of state owner, it offers me a great sense of relief knowing that my property, as well as my tenants, are well taken care of. Everyone at their office is professional, very friendly, and offer a wealth of knowledge about leasing and property management. After dealing with a lot of property management companies, I can honestly say that you will not be disappointed. They are one of the few companies that go the extra mile throughout the process. Thank you 8z Rentals for all the great work!” – Brooke S., Owner

“We have utilized 8z to manage two rental properties, one being our personal home and the other a near-campus condo, while we are living outside the U.S.  They have successfully found great tenants and really provide professional service for setting up the lease, maintaining the properties, collecting rent, and handling move-in/out.  Based on our experience we do not hesitate to recommend 8z as a property management service.” – James R., Owner

“We engaged with 8z Rentals shortly after remodeling a condo we bought in Boulder. After a thorough review of our place and discussions with the staff we were advised as to what to stock the unit with and how to price it. We had a tenant in 4 days and we are now approaching our first renewal with the tenant! We found 8Z staff easy to work with and very familiar with the logistics and issues pertinent to rental property in this area. Working with 8Z has been hassle free. We couldn’t recommend them enough!” – Audrey and Eric L., Owners

“I must say you have been the easiest and most helpful person I have dealt with probably ever. Thanks for making this a comfortable relationship. It makes the the journey much nicer.” – Kimm B., Tenant’s Parent

“Brian was like Superman! Faster than other agencies…More powerful background checks….Able to get great tenants!” – Elisse K., Owner

“I love 8z Rentals. Jason is both personable and professional. He manages every aspect and detail from leases and rents to repairs.  He is on top of things and handles everything in a timely manner. He’s great with the renters and with me. I don’t have to be involved with the nitty-gritty. I know my rentals are in good hands with Jason.” – Marcia C., Owner

“This is my 2nd review on Yelp but wanted to take a moment to acknowledge 8z for truly amazing service.  I am renting a place from them and both Jason D and Kylie have gone above and beyond the call to make me feel welcome and taken care of.  Literally, I locked myself out tonight and texted Kylie, she drove to get the spare key in the office and get me out. That’s how amazing they are and care. Highly recommend them if you are renting out your place or are a tenant like me.  Thanks to everyone else there at 8z!” – Rob R., Renter

“Your help has been terrific with the selection of tenants, as well as the prompt and simple accounting each month. Finally, Forrest has been great as well in offering his insight and opinions of different locations and complexes in the Boulder area.” – Tim G., Owner

Used 8Z Rental Referral Service and they had it rented within a week to a very qualified tenant. Very pleased since I had been trying to rent it on craigslist for a month. Good forms and documents, good personalized service, great follow-up. Will certainly use 8Z again!” – Charlotte B., Owner via Yelp